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Understanding the Naylor Marketplace

Have you explored the Naylor Marketplace? If not, here’s a quick guide to understanding it. Afterwards, go check it out and see what it has to offer!

Naylor has expanded the reach of its AMS and Career Center by creating add-ons and 3rd-party integrations with some of the industry’s leading software. This approach, made famous by the Salesforce platform, allows Naylor to provide an ever-expansive set of features to add to its systems without drastically changing the core functionality.

The Naylor Marketplace is your one-stop shop to access the different add-ons and integrations for Naylor’s baseline AMS and Career Center software. With one click you can install the integration/add-on to your base software and begin using it. Access to the integrations are at no cost to you (we’ll talk about actual cost later.) The marketplace is color coded for each solution (green for Career Center, gold for AMS). It features integrations with Higher Logic, Constant Contact, Blue Sky, and many others.

How do I use the Marketplace?

You can access the Naylor Marketplace by clicking on “Marketplace” in the upper right corner of the Naylor AMS or Career Center Admin system. If you are looking to connect with one of the 3rd-party vendors, then you must have an account with that service. Many of these services have a cost associated with them and must be purchased via the vendor’s site. There is also an additional cost to some of the add-ons (monthly costs that will be added to your Naylor bill.) The description will prompt you to the price if there is any. Once you are ready, simply click on the “Install” button so that the integration will be connected to your system. Once downloaded, you can go back to your core system and find the integration connected there. You may be prompted to enter your access information for the 3rd-party system(s) to complete the connection.

Please go to the Naylor Marketplace and explore what is currently offered!

Once more, to access the Naylor Marketplace, log into your Admin system and click on Marketplace in the upper right corner.

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