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Kenjie, The AMS Guy, is an Associations Management System (AMS) guru with over 15 years of dynamic experience selecting, building, managing, enhancing, and increasing the impact this critical software has on an organization. His highly technical background coupled with his years of experience working for associations makes him the perfect storm to tackle the issues with your AMS. He speaks both the software developers and the non-profit language and can serve as a bridge between the two. He also has the uncanny ability to envision new ways to use your AMS software and identify where systems are lagging, which leads him to develop unique solutions for you and enhance the software for all users. These critical skills are what make him most valuable to an organization, whether he is managing your AMS, implementing your new software, or solving your latest problem.

​Kenjie has mastered multiple AMS platforms and surveyed countless others over his career. He learns new systems quickly, intimately, and figures out how to make their features work for your unique organization. Let Kenjie, The AMS Guy, maximize the impact your critical software has on your mission.




The AMS Guy 

2376 Candler Rd.

Ste B PMB 1063

Decatur, GA 30032

(877) AMS-GUY1

(877) 267-4891

Click Here to schedule a 30 min meeting


Maximize your AMS's impact on your mission

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